Недвижимость на продажу в Benirras


Benirras is famous for its sunsets and sunset drum ritual on Sundays. 

Small beach cove where boats are not allowed to anchor with a few lovely restaurants pizza, our personal favourite "ELEMENTS" where the Mediterranean octopus dish is to die for and the smoothie bar offers a signature menu but Cliff from "Wild Beets". If you are looking for organic honey – you can visit a bee apiary located in the hinterland on the way to Benirras.

Property types

As your personal real estate agents we would suggest this is for those who value privacy and a social life equally. Benirras is perfect for both bachelor and family life.

Schools near Benirras

All local public schools require you to be living in the area of the school.

All private schools do not require you to live nearby. 

To look through the list of private schools please take a look at Santa Gertrudis and Ibiza Centre. 

Town Hall

Benirras municipality is part of Sant Joan town hall. You will need to go to town hall if you want to request the Referencia Catastral as well as pay your taxes, apply for a remodelling, construction or a tourist licence and apply for residency. 


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Found 111 Properties

960 000 €

Ref: P1052

3 500 000 €

Ref: P1051

6 500 000 €

Ref: P1045

5 900 000 €

Ref: P4371

3 195 000 €

Ref: P1041

735 000 €

Ref: P1039

9 900 000 €

Ref: P1038

5 900 000 €

Ref: P1037

5 450 000 €

Ref: P1013

6 900 000 €

Ref: P1011


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